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I honestly thought Making Money Online was a myth since I have tried a lot of things that have not worked out. I was skeptical at first like the most of you are right now, until I found CashCrate. CashCrate is basically a site that pays you for taking Surveys, watching Videos and completing Offers.

I tried it out for the first month and 30 mins worth surveys everyday. I wasn't expecting much since it did sound scammy due to how low the cash out was($20). After a few days I got a letter in the mail containing this check.

cashcrate guide

Wow! I couldn't be true. For as little time I spent on the site I was able to cash out $28! Now now, this may not be that much I know, but that is $28 could buy me a new Video Game and support my hobby. With more time and effort I could possible double or triple that since I have been seeing people making $100-200 on the payment wall.

Which is why I am sharing this with you. You can Sign Up through this LINK and you get 1$ off the bat. Only $19 more until you can cash out your own check!

I have also made some guides to make it easier for you.
Also just so you guys take action I will be making a Hall of Fame list of those who have made their first $20. Just send me a picture of your first check and I will gladly add you to the list!

Remember to SIGN UP HERE for that extra 1$!

Good Luck!


If you have any questions, send me a pm or just comment below! Thanks!


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