About Dee

I'm Dee. The Author of this blog.

(My wife and me. Sorry I take bad pictures. *crys*)

My real name is Paolo(I hate this name), I am Filipino and I currently live in Eastern California right now. I grew up mostly in the Philippines, but I also lived in China(Taiwan and Shanghai) during my early childhood years. I recently got married to my lovely wife and girlfriend of 9 years which I miss and love so much. I am happy that we will be together soon on this journey with me.

I am mostly familiar to some as an Ragnarok Online content creator. I made guides, videos and character builds on my old website called Dee's Ragnarok Online Journal. All that is left is my Youtube Account where you can watch some of my WoE PvP videos(I recommend watching the Super Novice Videos. I had so much fun making them!).

I like anime, manga, video games and watch a lot of TV series(I'm on a GoT coma until the new season comes out). I played a LOT of video games since I was little and it is something that my family never understood. I am geeky by nature and like to gobble up information and take down notes, which is probably the reason why I like blogging so much.

My Story

Well, I'm just waiting for my story to play out. I dream of being a full-time Gaming Content Creator one day and turning it into a fully fledged career and business. I believe I have the skills to make it happen and if I just stick to something I LOVE it will eventually happen. " If you can dream it, You can do it! "

Why this blog?

I am currently looking for a full-time job right now to start the ball rolling(hire me plz!) and I really missed blogging so much due to how I discontinued my old website. So this will pretty much be where I post blog posts and articles from now. There will be no strict niche but most of the articles will be about games, geeky stuff and personal ramblings. I also want to make friends with you guys since it gets lonely sometimes. I will try my hardest to do a post a day!  Please due subscribe to our social media below!



Feel free to ask me anything. I am very sociable and I don't bite! Leave a comment below.

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